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Thread: RA8875 latest drivers and best place to find drivers

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    RA8875 latest drivers and best place to find drivers

    Hi, I am back working on a stalled project to use Teensy 3.5 with a 7" Buydisplay 800 x 480 TFT. Last time around I loaded up Sumotoy drivers and these worked, but now I would like to use the latest drivers and can see there has been lots of work by KurtE, mjs513 and other contributors, its great to see the hard work and support behind Teensy. Thanks guys.

    I have found a forum link to would these be the latest T3.5 drivers and is there a system or central place where all Teensy drivers (not just for display) live and latest versions can be found?

    As I am relatively new to using arduino libraries what is the best way to update an older library, should I find the library location, rename the folder and replace with the newer lib?

    Thanks 32bits

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    The latest updates to the RA8875 library are at the link you posted, Remember though that the library is now installed when you install the latest Teensyduino. So if you want to update to latest I would delete version installed with Teensyduino. Then download the copy from GitHub and place the new version in your Arduino libraries foldeit with the downloaded copy from GitHub. This is what I usually do until you see that the TD version has been updated with the latest RA8875 library.

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    Yep - I do sort of what @mjs513 but in a much more convoluted way Sorry in advance if I am longer winded than needed here.

    First How to install different libraries and use them with Arduino (the easy part)
    Depending on how up to date or the like I expect to do a library, especially from Github that also are installed by Teensyduino.

    a) I simply want to use a driver, or test for some forum post:
    a1) Simply download zip file from github and allow Arduino IDE to install it for you menus: sketch->include library->install zip (or such name).
    a2) If the library is setup by owner that Arduino Library manager knows about them, I use the library manager to locate, install, and update...

    b) I wish to install the github library and keep it up to date. I use git to clone that library into user <sketches folders>/libraries/ . Note On windows I often use the github desktop app, to download and update. The nice thing here is you can see if you are up to date and sync up and check to see if there are other Work In Progress branches...

    But as mentioned this will always take priority over the one Teensyduino installs. If you again wish to use the current installed one, you will need to delete this one...

    c) like b) but if I am likely to want to make changes, in this case I do. I will go to github and fork the project, so I then I have copy of it in my github projects and then I will clone it down to my machine... Note: you can update ones you did in b) using some git commands (git remote ...) Note: when you fork a project you have the extra complications of syncing up your fork to current version of the one you forked from. Can provide more details of what I do if wanted...

    d) My sometimes convoluted way I do either b) or c), but I don't create them in the location <sketch folder>/libraries , but instead I put them all in some other location like in my case: d:\GITHUB\...

    When I wish to use this library with Arduino and overwrite ones installed by Teensyduino, I create a directory symbolic link in the arduino library folder to that project with a command something like, first cd to <sketches>/libraries folder and then:
    mklink /D RA8875_t3 d:\github\RA8875_t3
    And then Arduino will see that directory and use it as if you had it actually installed there.

    When I wish to try things out with one Teensydino installs, I remove that link, again cd to the libraries directory and type:
    rmdir RA8875_t3
    Warning don't do: del RA8875_t3
    As del will follow the link and delete the actual files instead of simply removing the link.

    But as I said it is a bit more complicated

    Second Part: How to find these libraries
    Right now I don't think there is an easy and/or complete answer to this.

    I think it is just potluck and you just have to know that they exist and where to find them. I will often do a google like: RA8875 arduino library
    and see what is returned.

    With display drivers, the main places I would typically look was at:

    Adafruit: either by looking up on github in their projects and/or:
    I would use Arduino Library Manager (tools->library manager) and when the dialog comes up, I would type in something like RA8875 and see if anything shows up.
    In this case the Adafruit RA8875 library shows up.

    sumotoy: I used to look here, but he has not done anything now for a few years, so I then maybe look up at the issues and Pull Requests to see if there are any active versions and look there.

    Sparkfun: I have not looked here much, but I know they also look like they are also making their own equivalent common graphics and the like to the Adafruit GFX library

    Forum: I often do a search on this forum for a specific hardware again like RA8875 and see if anyone mentions it. Like soon I will be looking at RA8876 as I have one that may arrive sometime (No updates in awhile from China Post)...

    It would be great if at some point we could improve on this and had some central location to find all of these. There are many ways one could do this:
    a) PJRC - have Web page with links to many of the libraries
    b) Forum - Maybe sticky post with links
    c) Wiki - Maybe we should add a page or pages to the unofficial WIKI for teensy?
    d) Library Manager - At times I wish that many/most/all of the libraries installed by Teensyduino were also available through the library manager. Then you could search there, plus when fixes come and are incorporated, the library manager would then see the updates and allow you to install them without waiting for next version of Teensyduino...

    Again sorry for the shotgun answer.

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    Hi KurtE and mjs513, thanks for your help and answers, the latest RA8875 driver is now installed and working correctly.

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    I have a doubt about RA8875 wiring. When sharing SPI bus with others devices, we have to use one 74HC125 IC. But what about if the RA8875 is alone on the bus ?
    Thank you,
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    Ok...thanks guys for the help ...I feel really silly ..I had a quick peek at that scroll.ino before ..(well glanced over it) it was scrolling text ..I failed to realize that it scrolled for graphics as well bad ! I'm going to re-code and learn the scroll function for my project today ..thanks fir everything ..(I feel so silly)..

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