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Thread: Kicad Teensy 3.5 board doubt

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    Kicad Teensy 3.5 board doubt

    Hello all,

    It's my first time messing with Kicad to make a simple PCB based on Teensy 3.5, which will be the only thing mounted on the PCB. The rest of components will be mounted on the lid of the box, and the wires will be soldered on the PCB.

    In my schematic I put a row of pads connected to 3.3V on the Teensy:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    BUT when I switch to the PCB editor, based on said schematic, the pads are connected to a different pin, one of the interior/horizontal row:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Now, is that all right? are those interior row pins internally connected to others, in this case 3.3v? And is there a reason not to connect directly to the 3.3v pin instead? I'm assuming Kicad is suggesting that for a reason, but since I have no experience with this I wanna make sure before screwing up.

    Thank you so much and apologies for the potentially obvious question.

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    If you zoom in on the PCB you should be able to see the pin numbers and see that pins 25-29 are on that interior/horizontal row. Pin 26 is indeed 3.3v. There are two other through-hole 3.3v pins are numbers 15 and 51. All three are connected together on the Teensy PCB.

    (There's one more on the bottom of the board, but that doesn't appear to have a pin number or a connection in that footprint.).

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