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Glad the new board worked.

Maybe best to start a new thread about I2C questions. Please consider a couple ideas when you ask tech questions. 1: Explain context of what you are trying to accomplish. Without context, we can't understand your needs. A short context-free questions really limits our ability to really help. 2: Please give details about what parts and code you are using. Short low-detail questions are difficult to give useful answers. Often those sorts of questions get few or no answers, and when someone does put in the time, a much longer answer is usually needed because it must be so generic, and odds of the higher-effort answer being useful are low. We really do help quite a lot on this forum, but much of that help depends on you to ask better questions with context and details. Please start a new thread and try to compose a question that really explains what you're doing and what parts and code you want to use. Let's leave this thread about the USB hardware issue.
Ok. Cool. Going to open a new thread for this with many more details.