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Thread: Best way to reboot Teensy 4.x?

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    Best way to reboot Teensy 4.x?

    I read in this thread that you can reboot a Teensy 3.2 by writing something to a register. Is that still the right way to do it for the 4.x series? If so, what's the code to do that?

    I also saw a post claiming that you could reset "an Arduino" by jumping to address 0. This would not be sensible on x86. Maybe it's sensible on AVR. Would it work on the i.MXRT?

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    The indicated thread mentions :: SCB_AIRCR

    A quick forum search on that shows links to a few discussions of that including ::

    The ARM Teensy's have that mechanism in common.

    That post links to this :

    There was a time with other old posts when that went not-working on T_4's - but that was resolved and noted some time back.

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    Yup, use SCB_AIRCR to cause a reboot from software.

    And in Arduino, click Help > About to check which version of Teensyduino you have. 1.53 is the latest. Some old versions had a bug impacting software reboot on Teensy 4.0.

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