Hi All,
We are trying to debug a DIY Teensy 3.2 problem. We are using a MKL04Z32 bootloader chip, and MK20DX256VLH7 uC. After assembling all the components, I powered on the system and put a scope probe on RESET, and observed a short positive pulse every ~60mS, as one would expect when the watch-dog timer is active. Next, I shorted the Program pin (Pin 18 of the bootloader) to ground. On a normal Teensy circuit, this results in RESET being pulled to ground. However, on our system, nothing happens; RESET continues to pulse high.

I've replaced both the bootloader and the microcontroller on this board, with no improvement.

Any ideas what might be mis-configured/mis-attached? Is there perhaps a BOM problem?

Thank you in advance!!