Hi all,
Trying to see if I'm missing something with the teensy loader. My goal is to be able to remote into a windows machine that has a teensy 4.0 attached and update its firmware. Unfortunately pushing the button on the teensy isn't possible.

I'm running the teensy loader by itself. No issues generating a hex file to upload. Open the file fine in the teensy loader, however both the program and reboot buttons and corresponding menu commands are greyed out. It still seems the only way to reprogram is pressing the button (which does upload, just not the goal . Am I missing something? I also tested with the fast and slow blink hex files provided here with no luck (https://www.pjrc.com/teensy/loader_win10.html). Same issue on the mac as well.

This is using v1.52 of the loader. Windows 10. MacOs 10.14.6. Any pointers?