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Thread: launching sound with push button

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    launching sound with push button

    hi, I try to begin to understand the audio library, can someone help me to simply play the sound of the waveform example with just pushing a button, in the exemple the sound play by himself and I d like to trigged it with a button instead, sorry for the noob question but still beginner in code!

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    Check out part 2-3 of the audio library tutorial. It starts on page 14 of the PDF.

    You can also watch a video demo of the tutorial. Just scroll down on that page. Click through to YouTube for the video description, which has time offset links for all the specific parts of the tutorial (assuming you want to watch just part 2-3 and not the whole 45 minutes).

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    hi thanks for the answer, I saw this already, I m watching the tutorial too, but in the exemple it show how to trigger samples and I d like to trigger the waveform

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    oh damn i understand my problem, my f.... breadboard has a problem where I wired the enveloppe button! I ll be able to go forward now!!

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