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Thread: Connecting OV7670 to Teensy 4.0 using HW assist

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    Connecting OV7670 to Teensy 4.0 using HW assist


    Has anyone used the HW assist from the NXP chip to get data from a OV7670 ? Willing to share source code?

    Where can I find the NXP to teensy pin connection so that I can find which pins of the board I need to connect to the OV chip.

    Any advices?


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    I did find the teensy4.0 pdf... and unfortunately, not all the pins are available for camera HW assist :-(

    It seems that it would be possible with the teensy4.1... Hallas, they are not available (at least at an OK price) in France... (they are >$40 while the 4.0 is 25€)...

    Well, I will start with SW and move to HW if the project works and I need to make it better!


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