Hey Folks,

I'm using the ++2.0 in an audio project and everything runs how it should. There is only one problem: the RX Pin (D2/2) is oscillating with a frequency of 2203 Hz or 2344 Hz and this noise sprinkles in audio-cables inside the housing.

If nothing is connected to this Pin, the noise stops if I touch it with a screwdriver or anything else in the same moment. To put it directly on GND helps nothing. Sometimes it stops also by itself for one or two seconds and then it starts again.
If a second ++2.0 is connected to this Pin D2 (from B5/25) there is the same noise but no chance to stop it. I tryed everything with different resistors in line or to ground but i can't find a solution, so hope you guys can help!

Best Greetings from Munich,