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Thread: Audio Shield SD Card slot issues

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    Unhappy Audio Shield SD Card slot issues

    I started having issues with the SD Card slot on my Teensy Audio Shield. It started periodically getting "Unable to access the SD card" which usually got resolved by taking out the SD Card and reinserting it a couple of times.

    But now I don't seem to make it work anymore. Every time
    is called, it fails.

    Any ideas what my options are?

    PS: the SD Card works fine in my laptop, and the pins inside the card slot look ok to me:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    And of-course that 5 minute after posting I find the issue: the connection between the Teensy and the shield is not reliable. I think I was bumping the board sandwich when removing the SD Card which led me to believe the SD Card slot was the issue.

    Struggled for hours ...

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