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Thread: "buttons" reading by nfc or similar

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    "buttons" reading by nfc or similar


    i have a jogwheel (65mm diameter) attached to this:

    (a angle hall sensor, that gives me absolute position)

    i would now like to embed a few (2 or 3) buttons into the jogwheel so that depending on where i put my finger on the wheel i can switch functions of it.

    since the wheel is on a rotating sensor i have no means to attach cables to it. embedding a micro controller and battery and going wireless seems also out of the question, since the wheel is only about 8mm high.

    i stumbled across this:

    could something along these lines be made attached to a teensy? i was always under the impression nfc could only output static data, no button changes.

    has anybody any experience in this field or another suggestion to get data wirelessly and without power (or in a very small package with power) or even a wired solution with some kind of circular rail or similar

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    I don't know of any solution for reading those NFC tags with Teensy. I suspect that it would be too slow to be useful for button input anyway.

    Have you looked into a mechanical slip ring for connecting buttons electrically? I'm not sure what your mechanical requirements are, but search on aliexpress or amazon for "slip ring" and you'll see quite a few choices.

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    thanks for the slip-ring suggestion! that was what i meant with circular rail :-) didn't know they call those slip rings.

    will search for one that could fit my setup or maybe i can diy something with some old Carrera cars connectors.

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