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Thread: Advanced Microntroller Audio Workshop

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    Advanced Microntroller Audio Workshop

    Hello, I just started reading the Advanced Microcontroller Audio Workshop. On page 3 Test Hardware it says to connect headphones and a Usb cable. There is no USB port on the Audio Board. Very confused.
    I very much would appreciate help with this please.



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    This is the hardware for that workshop / tutorial. It has a Teensy 3.2 and audio shield (rev C) soldered together.

    In most of the photos, the audio shield on top obscures the view of the Teensy underneath, but you should be able to see it in the photo on page 4.

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    The audio adaptor is stacked on top of the Teensy, the USB to the Teensy, the headphone to the audio jack on the
    audio adaptor. In the photo the Teensy is hiding under the adaptor rather effectively! The product pages for the
    adaptor explain ways to stack it with the Teensy

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    Thank you Paul, that makes sense after looking at the photos again.

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