I have a custom multi touch display that supports 4 fingers. This screen comes with its own communication protocol. In order to get the touch to work I need to pull some information from it via serial, then I receive the touch reports and then I have to run my own program to simulate touch events on windows. This works but so far it is a windows-only solution.
I would like to create a platform independent solution.

I was thinking of purchasing a Teensy 4.1 (with USB Host Cable) since I need 2 USBs. One to read from the screen and one to connect to the computer.

Can this idea work? I have used all kinda Teensy before but I am new to multi-touch.
(by the way I have no way of changing anything on the screen side of things)

I am also wondering if the USB Host Cable will work with Teensy 4.1 since the title of the page says "USB Host Cable For Teensy 3.6".