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Thread: VBat pin on 3.6 and other boards

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    VBat pin on 3.6 and other boards

    I could not find any information on the VBat pin. What is the max voltage it will take, same as Vin?

    If a batt is attached, is it charged when Vin is supplied or when USB is connected?

    Does the board automatically switch between different sources of power?

    How does VBat work overall -- what is the basic information needed to determine what projects it will be suitable for?

    Thank you.

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    A 3V coin cell on VBat will maintain the real time clock while the main power is off.

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    Thanks guys. Looks like VBat is an alternate power port that can take up to 3.8V.

    Since it's used by a coin cell with USB/Vin power being both On and Off, it seems that there's no operational connection between VBatt and main power (e.g., no charging of VBat by main power).

    Just restating these things for the sake of completeness in the thread.

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