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Thread: ra8875/GSL1680 .teensy 4.0 ..touch panel functional but an issue

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    ra8875/GSL1680 .teensy 4.0 ..touch panel functional but an issue

    Okay I have the GSL1680 up and running from the github example ..there were array bounds issues which I corrected in clear_Reg(0 and reset() ..and the code compiles fine

    The touch function works but y axis is not functioning correctly .. my display is 800 x 480 and the x axis is fine but the y axis position and screen function is way out ...and only 1/4 of the screen is touch functional so only about 1/4 of the screen is working with touch ..

    has anybody else experienced this behaviour ..?

    getting frustrated could use a few pointers other then "buy another screen" but darn I think I may have to do that ..

    I've tried at least 3 library variants .. all have the same bounds array issue ...

    open to thoughts ...

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