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Thread: i.MX RT1050 Reference Manual, Rev. 1, 03/2018 in imxrt.h

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    i.MX RT1050 Reference Manual, Rev. 1, 03/2018 in imxrt.h

    I am using the Teensy 4.1 and the imxrt.h for device specific register information. At the beginning of the imxrt.h file is a rference to the i.MX RT1050 Reference Manual. Throughout the imxrt.h there are references to specific pages in the document.

    The only similar reference manual I could find online was available from NXP and is titled Document Number: IMXRT1050RM Rev. 4, 12/2019. The problem is non of the pages referenced in imxrt.h match that document.

    Where can I find the Reference Manual that matches the page numbers referred to in imxrt.h?


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    Page number not likely to match. Initially T_4.0 was a 1050 then moved to 1060 - early work done on earlier manuals. NXP did a major 'scramble' of the pages and content and manual release at one point when that work was done.

    Current 1060 manual [common to T_4.0 and 4.1] is on the PJRC site:
    IMXRT1060 Manual (29.5M PDF), for Teensy 4.0 & 4.1 (All the useful peripheral programing info)

    IMXRT1060 Datasheet (1.9M PDF), for Teensy 4.0 & 4.1 (Only the electrical specifications)

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    I've updated all the comments in imxrt.h for the latest reference manual.

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    Wow! That is very helpful. Thanks Paul


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