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Thread: LIPO for Teensy 4.1 Development Board

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    LIPO for Teensy 4.1 Development Board

    Hi, Can this board be powered via a laptop's USB port like the Arduino? In case of powering via battery, what LIPO batteries do you recommend?

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    Yes Teensy's run off USB power.

    LiPo batteries are not 5V. Thus you need either 2S into a voltage regulator to make 5V, or 1S into a boost-converter to
    make 5V.

    I recommend using a fuse/polyfuse with LiPo's as they can put out damaging amounts of current if there's a short.

    The T4.0/T4.1 have a nominally 5V "Vin" pin that is limited to the range 3.6V to 5.5V. Basically use something
    that generates 5V, a powerbank would be ideal apart from the the fact they shutdown if too little current is drawn
    (I suspect a T4.0 or 4.1 won't have that problem though, and they have USB connectors already which is

    There is a trace linking Vin to USB power, which is designed so it can be cut if you want to power via Vin while
    still using USB to communicate.

    Personally I would recommend using LiFePO4 over LiPo due to the reduced risk of fire. With LiPo its vital
    that you have a cell or pack with protection circuit built-in, and LiPo should not be charged unattended as
    this is when they are most vulnerable if in a dodgy state.

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    Although I have not graduated to using the Teensy 4.0 or 4.1 just yet, I have made a battery powered project using a Teensy 3.2 with an ILI9341 display. For that I use an Adafruit Power Boost 1000 to monitor and charge the battery and their 2500mA LiPo battery.

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