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Thread: [Teensy 2.0] Keyboard with joystick module?

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    [Teensy 2.0] Keyboard with joystick module?

    Alright, so I've got this external keyboard project for my Surface Pro 3. I've used this for almost a whole year, and must say I'm glad I took on this project!

    Now I want to start adding on more parts and slowly adjusting the code. I have a Joystick module (not sure of an exact part number) that came with an Uno R3 board.

    Here's the Imgur album of pictures of what I have, and the joystick in question. If this cannot work for my needs are there other joysticks that will? I have also thought about a circular Touch Pad, but the ones I found use Teensy 3.2(or higher), so I think that's not an option.

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    Alright this is what we're looking at right now:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	expresskeys_proto0.png 
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    So the joystick is functioning... like a joystick (who knew?). And the buttons act as a keyboard (perfect). I've just made a custom one-handed game controller... but that's not what I'm trying to do.

    How do I remap keyboard shortcuts TO the X and Y axis (i.e: push Up Y Axis for Zoom In on Canvas, and Down Y Axis for Zoom Out Canvas)? Really all that's left to do is solder it up, and make a casing.

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