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Thread: my new project - any help appreciated

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    my new project - any help appreciated

    teensy audio shield -> teensy 4 -> nRF52840 ....... nRF52840 - > teensy 4 -> teensy audio shield.

    things to figure out :

    1) how to do 48k 16 bit
    2) how to get teensy to teensy xfer using I2S

    thats about it for now.

    Any help much appreciated.


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    Usually the issues with sending audio over distance are synchronisation, packet ordering, packet drops and corruption. Does the link have the intelligence to guarantee the delivery order of data packets with invisible retries on any that fila to deliver? But that still leaves the issue of realtime delivery (this is especially true if you send audio and data and then try to recombine them - for that MPEG (for example) uses "presentation time stamps" that match things (with time stamps) that should "play together".

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