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Thread: Teensy 4.1, achieving high quality voltage readings

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    Teensy 4.1, achieving high quality voltage readings

    The details on the new Teensy 4.1's specifications seem to be few and far between regarding its DAC and ADC features. I need to gather some high quality(0.000V to 2.200V), high frequency (~100Hz). I can see 3.X teensy's have the ability to set analog reference voltages, do the 4.X have this ability? I don't see it on the pinout. How good is the ADC on the 4.1? Thanks.

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    In some ways, the analog capabilities of the T4.X fall behind the T3.X. The T4.X has no internal DAC. They are also limited to using the 3.3V power supply as the ADC reference voltage. This makes their ADCs more susceptible to noise on the power supply rail---such as you can get when writing to the SD card on the T4.1.

    If you consider ~100Hz to be high frequency, you must have missed the thread on the forums about collecting ADC data at 1MHz on the T4.X.

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    In my searching yes I came across the 400kHz thread, and also have done much higher in the field. I will be honest, I have no idea why I wrote "high." Ok that confirms my suspicions, I will look at the 3.5/3.6 as I do plan on logging some data to the SD card. I have a 3V shunt on order to connect to AREF. Thanks.

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