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Thread: Sparkfun new QWiiC shields...

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    Sparkfun new QWiiC shields...

    Looks like Sparkfun just released some new shields for the Teensy that make it easy to connect up I2C devices that use either the
    Sparkfun QWIIC connectors as well as the Adafruit Stemma QT connectors.

    For T3.2/T4 there is:

    and for the longer boards like T3.5/6 and T4.1 there is:

    I have not tried these out yet, but I have added the same connectors on my own boards and it makes it easy to play with some of the I2C devices.

    Should be fun!

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    Yes, I was just going to post this also. The shorter board (for the LC, 3.2, and 4.0) is available now, while the longer board (for the 3.5, 3.6, and 4.1) is available as a pre-order (which must be a separate order from the in-stock items, with separate shipping).

    The longer board has this notice:
    • This product is produced in-house by SparkFun. We are currently planning to build 2016 units. Notify Me Incoming stock values are estimates, and subject to change without warning.

    Another option that I purchased earlier, but I haven't used yet would work if you use the Adafruit Teensy -> Feather adapter:

    Or just the breakout separately:

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