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Thread: Real-time audio processing & playback feasibility

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    Real-time audio processing & playback feasibility

    Hello all!

    I've been researching how to achieve a project idea that involves recording environment sounds and simultaneously applying effects (Reverb, delay, granular synthesis, EQ, etc), to an output like headphones. Think something like an ambience creator.

    My current roadblock is around feasibility- are there microphone components high quality enough to pickup ambient noises Like birds and wind? And small enough to fit in a small device? I think this is where I'll run into issues.

    Also, I assume I will have to design the actual program within the audio system design tool, which seems quite simple maybe. But for this, where i'll ideally have multiple effects being adjusted by wet / dry knobs, do you have any suggestions or tips?

    I'm not too experienced with DIY and arduino stuff but I'm an audio engineer and have experience in general coding / design and engineering. If you give me any advice I'll be very grateful and will strive to learn as much as i can!

    Thank you in advance!

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    The problem with ambient noises is they are very directional, and the human auditory system does a very good job of
    isolating each noise spatially (two ears). A single small microphone will not do that isolation and probably lead to less
    than satisfactory results - I'd suggest at a minimum doing the processing in stereo so the brain can do its thing on the

    The microphone properties you need to consider are sensitivity and signal/noise ratio, omni-directional v. uni-directional,
    and of course frequency response.

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