Hi everyone,

I am working on a project for atmospheric research. I have a set of instruments placed under a tethered balloon. My instruments record their data to a teensy 3.6. I need to send a subset of the data to ground. My intention is to use an Xbee 3.0 pro module with the SMA socket for an antenna (https://www.sparkfun.com/products/15131). I also have an xbee adaptor from parallax (https://www.parallax.com/product/32400).

On the ground, I guess I'll have another teensy connected to an xbee module as well which will be connected to my laptop.

I need the microcontroller that is under the balloon to send a subset of the recorded data and to see it live on my laptop when I connect it to the ground xbee module. But I also need to be able to send commands from my computer to the microcontroller in the air.

Can anyone tell me if the components I have are compatible and where I could find some useful guidance. I cannot find any clear information on such projects.

Also, I am not sure about the connections between the xbee module and my teensy 3.6.

XBee -> Teensy 3.6
Pin1 VCC -> 3.3V
Pin 2 DOUT -> Pin 0 RX1
Pin 3 DIN -> Pin 1 TX1
Pin 10 GND -> GND

I've seen schematics with resistors and capacitors as well but I'm not sure I would need that.

Can anyone give me some guidance?

Thank you!