I've been playing some sim games. I have a project I want to do rather than purchase one that is pre-made.

The first part of the question will determine if a panel could be switched out for two different games.

Is it possible through a switch, to have two different programs running? Realistically it would be the same program twice probably, but with two different ID's so a program like Joy2Key would be able to remember the profile for each position, then just change the faceplate for the other simulator.

The above may be a moot point, if with it being programmed, you wouldn't need Joy2Key running. Like being able to say button 0 is pressing S on the keyboard, so it's plug and play rather than having to use Joy2Key.

Ideally I would be able to have the device name be something I want to set rather than it saying Teensy

For project A, there would only be two switches, that are either on or off.

For project B, it would be a combination of switches and free spinning knob? Would be approximately up to 20 buttons/switches and 4 free spinning/potentiometer knobs.

What boards would be best for each project? I am guessing the program tells the board what each connected device does (such as a button press), rather than just using something like a USB Encoder PC to Joystick board and Joy2Key (which I know you can't rename to a custom name). If I am correct, you would still use Joy2Key for assigning what each button does?

Totally new to this, but am not letting that discourage me from learning what I need to learn. I have worked with electronic circuits, just nothing like this.