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Thread: teensy 4.0 flexSPI slave

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    teensy 4.0 flexSPI slave


    I am trying to designed a product using the RT1062. I am using the teensy 4.0 for a EVBs. In my product I need two uC to communicate with one another in a speed of 400 MHz, an I want to use the flexSPI peripheral. I am using NXP SDK and MCUXpresso for writing the code.

    I am having difficulty using the flexSPI and configuring one of the Teensy 4.0 as slave.
    Has anybody done this before? If so how?
    Does anyone have a suggestion to how I can achieve the communication speed I am seeking?


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    I'm pretty sure FlexSPI only supports master mode. On Teensy 4.0, those pins only connect to the W25Q16 flash chip, so you can't access the FlexSPI peripheral.

    Teensy 4.1 does make FlexSPI2 available for adding QSPI memory chips. But I do not believe there is any way to make direct Teensy-to-Teensy communication work by directly connecting those pins between the boards. The clock and CS pins are always outputs.

    USB is probably your fastest board-to-board way to communicate. The raw speed is 480 Mbit/sec. But USB protocol overhead and software speed play a large factor in the actual sustained data rates you can achieve over USB. You won't ever get the full 480 Mbit/sec rate from application to application.

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    So for the speeds I am looking for, USB is my best path, and even that is not perfect solution?

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