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Thread: Teensy MicroMod

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    Post#8 above links to SFun page with docs, details and links

    Indeed boot might be PGM, and reset might be On/Off - but 'it seems' like the 1062 doesn't offer a reset as used in conjunction with Teensy bootloader

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    I thought for the fun of it, I would update my Excel document to add some pages for this one, as an idea of seeing what things in the sources and libraries might need to be updated. There are some interesting things I found when mapping all of the pins, which include:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Again looks like common pins for 1-33 with T4.1. 34-39 are the SDIO pins. And 40-45 are new.

    Some interesting things include:
    We can create a Wire3 object for the new (hardware I2C 2 object which does not have pin exported for T4 or 4.1)
    All of these pins can probably be made PWM pins with Quad Timer. There are some duplicates. like QT3.1 is on pins 18 and now 43)
    FlexIO: All of these pins are on FlexIO 2, which is nice as it has DMA

    But maybe an interesting thing with these pins. Is I believe we now have all of the IO pins associated with 8 bit parallel LCD display sub-system. Which I think I marked up all of these in my last column

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