I have a Teensy 3.2 connected to a 3.5" TFT using SPI with ILI9488 driver. The display works fine but when running the graphicstest9488.ino program the code runs but getting data back returns nothing. I'm hoping to get MISO working so i can use my PrintScreen function (which uses ReadPixel() method. Any "common" MISO issues/ fixes with TFT LCD displays like this one?


Here's what I'm seeing....

I assume the line, requests data back through the MISO line

uint8_t x = tft.readcommand8(ILI9488_RDMODE);

when running the program I get:

ILI9488 Test!

Display Power Mode: 0x0

MADCTL Mode: 0x0

Pixel Format: 0x0

Image Format: 0x0

Self Diagnostic: 0x0