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Thread: SD Card Guidance

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    SD Card Guidance

    Hello! Iím wanting to add an SD card slot into a PCB that Iím designing and Iím a little bit confused about what is required. Just for clarification, if Iím already operating on 3.3V I donít need a level shifter right? Iíve also seen some people use EMI filter chips like these:

    Are they necessary? Or can I just hook up the SPI connections directly to my microcontroller? Thanks!

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    With everything on 3.3V, I've just wired from the SD to the microcontroller. Make sure you have enough current capacity for the SD - they can be a bit power hungry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nolansneeder View Post
    Are they necessary?
    It depends on the environment. If you are putting SD cards into the socket only at a nice safe ESD protected workbench, then no. If you are going to let any idiot do it anywhere, then yes, you need the ESD protection.

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    That makes sense. Iím putting it on a data logger for a model rocket but I think it should be fine to get wired straight up at least for prototyping!

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    I used a Teensy to build a rocket data logger.

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    Thatís sweet! Iíll have to give it a read! Iíve built a couple through hole prototypes of mine but Iím interested in learning PCB design so Iím going to give that a shot for my next revision!

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