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Thread: Using a T4.1 to play a WAV file from the audio shield on a separate T4.0

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    Using a T4.1 to play a WAV file from the audio shield on a separate T4.0

    I am curious if anyone knows if or how I could use a Teensy 4.1 to to play the WAV files on the SD card of an audio shield that is connected to a separate Teensy 4.0.

    From reading other posts on here, my impression is that setting the Teensy to slave mode is difficult to do or does not working well. I am hoping that offloading this playback to a separate device will solve the problems I experienced in an earlier post I made ( For my idea to work, I would need the audio to be played from the Teensy 4.1 and output back to the audio shield for recording. I know there is a DAC on the T4.1.

    Any thoughts on whether this could solve my recording/playback issues that I outlined originally, or of this is feasible with two Teensy devices?

    Any advice is appreciated, thank you!!

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    Why can't you have one teensy play, and one teensy record? Why does it need to be the same teensy? You can pass an analog OR DIGITAL signal (teensy a > i2s - teensy b) on the record teensy running in quad mode if needed. So you would have access to both the playback and record data on teensy b but teensy a reads the file (and sends i2s).

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