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Thread: maximum pulse-frequency from quadrature-encoders on Teensy 4.1

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    maximum pulse-frequency from quadrature-encoders on Teensy 4.1

    Hello everybody,

    the CPU-clock of the Tennsy 4.1 is real fast (600Mhz). What maxizum pulse-frequency from quadrature-encoders can the Teensy 4.1 handle properly when using two Interrupt-Pins? Or does the Teensy 4.1 have some special quadrature-encoder-hardware-counters?

    Could this maximum-frequency be shifted to higher values when using a encoder to counter interface chip? From a quick search I found the LS7083 / LS7084 which go up to 625 kHz. This seems not to be very fast. Does anybody know of chips that can cope with higherpulse-freuqnecies?

    best regards Stefan

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    You might take a look at Chapter 55 of the T4 (IMXRT reference manual). Which if you have not already done so you can download from:

    There is an encoder library (QuadEncoder) which ships with Teensyduino which uses this support.

    And manual says: Maximum count frequency equals the peripheral clock rate

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    If you have a high speed application you could try this library from mjs513: It uses the built in hardware decoders and is very fast.

    What speed are you aiming at?

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