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Thread: Basic I2S Write function

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    Basic I2S Write function


    I recently purchased a Teensy 4.1 with some additional PSRAM which is soldered and working nicely. It's amazing how much is stuffed into such as small board.

    I've been working on small project based on the ESP32 which has been using an I2S library that allows writing out the two 16 bit signed values for the two channels.
    As the memory on the 32 is quite limited, I was pulling the data from SD card into buffers and then reading through those buffers at varying speeds to change the pitch and then sending that to the I2S device.

    I decided to upgrade to the teensy so that I could make use of the PSRAM but I've not been able to find a I2S library that would offer similar functionality.
    All searches so far have just pointed the OP to the Audio Library. The audio library does look very nice and i like the routing/patching and the design tool but I can't see any way to A) Load a whole WAV file into RAM so i don't need to access the SD card anymore and B) Alter the speed of playback.

    Unfortunately I'm not skilled enough to create my own I2S library and I don't expect it's a trivial thing so was hoping someone could point me to an existing one that I've missed or some pointers that might help.

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    There's a whole thread about playback speed, probably worth a look:

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