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Thread: Power 2 Teensys one USB port

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    Power 2 Teensys one USB port

    Hi all,

    I should really know the answer to this and I am sure it has been discussed a million times so please feel free to point me to the right place. So many threads on these kinds of topics.

    So I have a project which would use two Teensys 3.2s. The idea is that one USB would be connected to the computer and would power the whole circuit. Will that work ok providing that the whole circuit doesnt draw too much current?

    Many thanks


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    Usually a PC's USB port can provide 500 mA of current.

    But unpowered hubs give only 100 mA, and some very cheaply made ones struggle to do even that.

    When running at higher currents, very thin USB cables might drop some of the voltage, giving you less than the full 5V power.

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    Brilliant thanks Paul. So other than that no problem?

    From a previous thread I saw that a teensy uses roughly 35mA. I will do some testing to check all the power consumption.

    Excuse my ignorance here but what would happen if both USB ports were powered? Would they just short.



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