Hi all,
I just started designing Yet Another Midi Instrument, this time in form of an ukulele / very small guitar. No strings, just a multi touch neck, possibly without frets. I saw that there are many professional (and complex) solutions by Cypress and Atmel, but before losing my mind on tens of papers I would like to know if there's a simpler solution with the Teensy. For now I imagined the touch interface as a 2 layer PCB with a diamond pattern, as in this figure:

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that would imply 5 rows and 24 columns covering a 4 x 21 cm area. I was wondering if it's possible to use the CapacitiveSensor library, with

CapacitiveSensor mySensor(sendPin, reveicePin)
for each row, column couple.

As a bonus, it would be fantastic to have a smooth transition between notes during a slide using a bend MIDI command for each "string" (it should be feasible using a separate MIDI channel for each line).

Any idea on how to accomplish this? Any help and suggestion is welcome!