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Thread: start wav playback at specific time

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    start wav playback at specific time

    Hey guys!

    I had to make a weird franken-hat pcb to get the teensy 4.1 working on my breadboard with the audio board, but I'm successfully playing back 16bit audio and it sounds great! This project originally started with TMRpcm, but I didn't like being stuck with 8 bit audio and I want to utilize the audio board's higher quality audio via i2s. I would like to be able to skip to a specific part of a wav file and play back from there. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem the like the play function takes any arguments other than the file name. Am I missing something? I see that we can read the current time, but I don't see a way to write to it.

    For reference, the TMRpcm play function takes a 'seekPoint' parameter which works flawlessly, only 8bit:

    Any suggestions or pointers to previous threads would be highly appreciated.

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