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Thread: midi poly pressure usb host issue

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    midi poly pressure usb host issue

    hi there,

    when sending poly pressure out of a teensy 3.6 via usb-host port, it does not work properly.

    when i send the same data via usb-midi it works fine.

    sending poly pressure via usb-host results in VERY sporadic data being sent (only on note on maybe).

    i am sending the exact same command for both ports, see code snippet:

    usbMIDI.sendPolyPressure(map_string_Fsr, active_Note[1], 3);
         for (int i=0; i<7; i++) {
          if (i != footpedal) {
    midilist[i]->sendPolyPressure(map_string_Fsr, active_Note[1], 3);
    for usb-host i am sending to 8 ports of a hub. i use this method for all different kinds of messages, aftertouch, note on and off, control change, works on all messages except for poly pressure. could there be a bug in the usb-host midi implementation?

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    a look at usb-host GitHub suggests the message has swapped variable input...

    void sendPolyPressure(uint8_t note, uint8_t pressure, uint8_t channel, uint8_t cable=0) {
    		send(0xA0, note, pressure, channel, cable);
    will try this asap and report back...

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    disregard my stupidity :-) it works flawlessly. of course usb-midi (non host) has the same order, but since i tested with PureData i never noticed (the polytouch) object just has outputs and i swapped them in the PD patch... all good.

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