Hi @all,

With the recent advent of @Pauls File abstraction and SdFat Integration I have managed to adapt MSC to this. At first I tried adding MSC to SdFat-beta and ran into conflicts with it. I could get it to work but I could not get all of the SD and some of the SdFat -beta example sketches to work. This was an inline attempt. I finally realized that I had to parallel SdFat-beta and the SD library to make it work as Paul had intended. So to that end I do have an initial setup that will work the same as the SD library with Sdfat-beta.

I have been studying and pouring over the SdFat-beta library. As one person said, "This things a monster y'all". But I think I am beginning to understand it and it's structure now.

I have just been released from a Covid19 quarantine (I was clean) which gave me time to develop this. Back to work tomorrow
It is not complete yet! There are a lot of incompatibilities here such as error messages, card types and such. USB drive information not completely compatible with SD cards. Hence why I decided paralleling SD. There will be additions to SdFat-beta library, USBMSC library (SD) and MSC-non-blocking which is already in my github here:

In the next few days I will add the other libraries to github. AGAIN, It is not finished but works