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Thread: Skateboard Trick recognition - measurement chain

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    Skateboard Trick recognition - measurement chain

    Hello Community,

    thats my first post in this forum and I am asking you for advice.

    My goal is to get data from skateboard tricks (most important: angular and linear velocities) to, later on, feed an algorithm to detect, which trick it was.

    Now I thought about using a Teensy MC because it has a higher rate than an arduino and I thought the more data I get the better it is. A trick is quite short, lets say 1/2 a sec.

    I thought about using an IMU to gather data. I would also need a SD card to store the data and a battery to power it.

    Now my 1. question:
    Do you think this setup is appropriate for the mentioned application?

    And 2.: Can you give me some advice about which products to use. Like which battery which sensor and which MC and also maybe some other things?

    I am not very experienced with microcontrollers, just had 1 project with an arduino. Any ideas or thought could help be so feel free to share Also sorry for maybe same grammar mistakes.. not the language of my mother.

    Thanks and have a nice day

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    Sounds like a fun project.
    You could use a Teensy 3.5. It has a built in SC card holder which you will need.
    The Teensy Prop Shield with motion sensors ( not the LC version without motion sensors ) will mount together with the Teensy producing a very small package to mount to the skateboard. The prop shield also can drive LED's and provide sound if you wished to add that to your skateboard.
    For a power supply, a USB phone charger battery brick would be the easiest. It would plug into the Teensy USB port providing power.

    For programming, just solve one issue at a time and learn how it works. You will need to learn how to use the motion sensors, how to write data to the SD card. Perhaps develop some algorithm to sense when a trick is being performed and only record then so you only get useful data recorded.

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    Thanks for the advice.

    I have some questions regarding the battery brick, can I just use any phone battery brick with USB to micro USB ? Amps and volts should be fine?

    The Teensy Prop Shield brings a lot with it that's nice

    Yeah the programming part will be another story ahah. Guess I make it public on github to maybe ask for help when I am struggling.

    thanks rcarr

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