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Thread: i.MX RT1170 ??

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    i.MX RT1170 ??

    I am just curious Paul if you plan on using the i.MX RT1170 in the future. i see that the chip is unbelievable in many aspects compared to anything Arduino on the market except of course your awesome Teensy's of which i own a few and in my major project sits a 4.1.

    I see that the chip is clocking at an amazing 1 Ghz with duel core and has 2 x Gb enet and 10/100.
    I bet if you had a fund raiser it would be through the roof. i am also curious if this can be used for 3D printers and such propelling them into the next realm.?

    I also would like to get your thoughts on the NXP kinetis bootloader GUI upgrade through a network which is open sourced and can it be implemented in the Arduino portfolio. ?
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    The NXP i.MX RT1176 eval board should be more widely available in February.

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    IIRC, there is a thread on this dual core chip. you may check it out.

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