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Thread: TEENSY 4.1 + NRF24L01 Need Help Please

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    TEENSY 4.1 + NRF24L01 Need Help Please

    Hello, I am almost at my breaking point trying to get these modules to work together... MEGA to MEGA works fine. I am attempting to change a MEGA to a Teensy 4.1....It doesnt look like anyone has a solid recipe to make this work.
    my Pins at this point are ...

    RF24 - TEENSY 4.1
    VCC - VIN
    GND - GND
    CE RX - 7
    CSN TX - 8
    SCK- 13
    MOSI - 11
    MISO - 12
    IRQ - None

    Here is my MEGA code ...attached
    Here is my Teensy Code .... attached

    I have been through so many forum thread and actually went through a few Teensy boards. If someone can please help and offer assitance that would be great.

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