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Thread: Load hex file from SD Card?

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    Load hex file from SD Card?

    Is it possible to load code (in the form of a hex file) into a T4 from an SD card and have the T4 behave as if the code were loaded through the USB interface? I'm using a custom PCB that includes a T4 and an SD card adapter. I'm providing the boards to remote collaborators (artists) with limited technical skills. Instead of trying to talk them through the process of installing a firmware update using the Teensy Loader, I'd like to just send them an SD card with a new hex file on it.

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    You might be able to adapt the "flasher4" code to do this.

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    Thanks! That looks like a possibility, but will probably require more adaptation (and time) than I can afford to invest right now. I was hoping for something more "turn-key".

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