Hey Everyone,

first post! Hope everyone is well and healthy! I wanted to share this video recording of our live stream for GRAME-CMCM's Programmable Audio Workshop PAW2020.

Join us while we walk you through building a simple prototype poly synth with Faust DSP, Arduino, Teensy 4.0 and Eurorack Modular. Watch us gleefully fumble our way through all the neccessary components, then follow along while while we guide you through our code.

We aimed this at beginners so we hope you can get this off the ground even if your mostly new to the subject matter, and hope to explain this well enough so you'll be able substitute our Faust Code for others of their brilliant examples even if they are not specifically aimed at Teensy. Have a look at this 101 course if you're completely new to Faust.

Use the chapters to jump to a specific part in the video, most links mentioned on stream are in the video description. Code is open source and on github.

We know the recording is not perfect, but maybe it will inspire someone to make something cool. Let us know here or in the Youtube comments if you get stuck on something.