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Thread: Teensy 4.1 and 2.4' TFT tutorial

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    Teensy 4.1 and 2.4' TFT tutorial

    hi everyone , I am new here and somehow new to electronics, i just got the teensy 4.1 and i have an old 2.4' tft and i wish to know how i can hook them up together, my bigger project is making a touch screen for a flight simulator but i want to start small first and build up from there.

    i got also the mega shield if that would help me use it

    i wish for wiring and simple programming tutorial if possible

    really thanks for any help i can get

    and sorry for the really noob question

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    There are many different chips in TFT screens - it really helps if you know which one yours has.
    I can't even see a make given for those boards.

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    Interesting project that you have considered. From experience, the learning curve that you are about to start will inevitably lead you to explore other types of screens.

    Although it is a common screen, probably ILI9325D due to the format and dimensions, for teensy 4.x it turns out that it is not at all common, since it has not been properly explored. I think that until teensy 3.6 you could try to connect it, but in teensy 4.x things are somewhat different since it is a micro something special when it comes to using digital pins with somewhat outdated libraries such as UTFT that has not received support for more 5 years.

    Maybe your first contact should be with SPI screens like the ILI934, ILI9488, or already entered something more advanced with the FT813 chip.
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    GPS: Teensy 4 + FT 813 3.5" +Neo 7 GPS

    Library: GD23ZUTX

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    Searching the web I found the following entry from 2014. Images provided at the arduino forum for this post look like your board.
    Perhaps this will give you a starting point.
    Re: Use of 2.4" TFT LCD.
    Apr 04, 2014, 02:29 pm Last Edit: Apr 04, 2014, 02:34 pm by bevangg Reason: 1
    I have bought one of these displays and a mega shield, which is marked CTE TFT LCD/SD shield The display has no model number on the underside of the pcb and is marked 2.4"TFT 240*320 V2.1 on the topside.
    I downloaded the UTFT library and found that the sketch found in examples/Arduino(ARM) + Teensy/UTFT_Demo_320*240.ino worked with the model parameter set as ITDB24.
    I am not sure yet whether it is running 8 or 16 bit mode, that's next to do.
    Anyway it is a relief to see an image on the screen and know that the shield etc are compatible. The only concern at the moment is how to use the other pins on the mega, does anybody know how this is done?

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    I've spend a fair amount of time trying to get these "Arduino dedicated" LCDs to work with a non-arduino--i've never been successful. Pinouts and mapping is one issue, getting a lib that matches the chip and pins is another. I use 2.2, 2.4, 2.8 displays that use the ILI9341 chip, and the ILI9341_t3 is a wicked good lib. I use 3.5" ILI9488 and the ILI9488_t3 lib as well. Adafruit has libs for stuff like the HX8357, but are not as fast as the xxx_t3 ones i listed.

    Depending on your comfort level with tinkering (and time tinkering), I'd recommend getting a new display (can be bought from PJRC). If you amazon it, find out what the chip and interface is first, then make sure a lib exists--unless you feel like writing your own display lib

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    okay , first thanks for all the replays and guides, but i didn't expect it to be that hard , i guess i must start with something much smaller and fits my current knowledge and skills.

    thanks a lot

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    remember during your experimenting, that teensy 4.1 is NOT 5V tolerant

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