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Thread: HELP Audio Beeps with Teensy 4.1 and PT8211

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank B View Post
    We had a *very* weird bug, almost impossible to locate and we still do not know the *exact* reason. It had to to do with the Memory protection unit.
    With the file above, so far all the 1.7 sec freezes got fixed.
    I have also been modifying the TSynth code and saw this problem at one point. I'll share some details in case it gives you any additional clues.

    When using a std::vector collection of pointers I experienced the freeze/beep while using range-based for loops, the problem stopped if I accessed the values directly by index. Inside the loop I was modifying frequencies, gain, envelope states, etc.

    Now that I've found this thread I tried to go back and reproduce the problem so that I could verify the 1.54 Beta 7 fix. Unfortunately I'm no longer able to reproduce the issue so cannot verify the fix.

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    On my side, I had to remove the audio noise generators to get it fixed... But I beleive the problem is solved now ? (haven't tried the fix yet)

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    After update teensyduino bug is not reproduced.

    Later I have been some issues with TeensyThread, but I solved my task without extra threads (

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