I am working on integrating the teensy with my modular synth. I have gotten traditional -5v to +5v CV input working well with the analog inputs, and have a simple sketch that records the input and plays it back. If I input audio it is unsurprisingly aliased, not to mention the low resolution (for audio) of the built in ADCs. What I want is a circuit that can accept dc signals as well as being able to sample and accurately reproduce audio.

I imagine this would be some sort of ADC with a low pass filter on the input for antialiasing. I would guess that there is a bit of work to be done on the software side to sample at the correct rates. I am starting to learn about interrupts and this seems like the type of thing that would need them. I basically want a circuit and sampling method that can handle signals from 0hz to normal audio range. The purpose of this is to create a module that shapes the incoming signal based on a lookup table, like a wavefolder. This would have uses for DC signals as well as audio signals.

Thanks for any help you can provide, I would also love to see any resources on programming for audio purposes in general.