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Thread: portable Arduino-IDE compiler-error 'BUILTIN_SDCARD' was not declared in this scope

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    portable Arduino-IDE compiler-error 'BUILTIN_SDCARD' was not declared in this scope

    Hi everybody,

    I installed the Arduino-for-windows1.8.13-zip-file to the folder

    Then run the TeensyduinoInstall.exe and chosed this folder
    to install the Teendyduino-addon.

    If I start this portable version the teensys show up in the boardmanager
    but If I try to compile a sketch that uses SD-Card from this codeline

    const int chipSelect = BUILTIN_SDCARD;
    I get the error-message
    exit status 1
    'BUILTIN_SDCARD' was not declared in this scope

    So did I do something wrong with the folder?
    Does it have to be the portable-folder?

    best regards Stefan

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    Which Teensy are you compiling this for? The earlier ones don't have a builtin SD card.
    Or insert #include <SD.h> at the top of the file.


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    Hi pete,
    it is a 4.1. in the meantime I found the cause for the error. I simply had the Arduino-IDE configured for Arduino Uno instead for Teensy 4.1
    now everything compiles.
    Thank you for asking "which Teensy"

    best regards Stefan

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