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Thread: Teensy Loader Win10 binary and VS2019 Project

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    Teensy Loader Win10 binary and VS2019 Project

    Hi guys,

    Since i was too stupid to find an actual binary of teensy_loader_cli.exe for Win10, i've compiled my own one.

    Attached is my Visual Studio 2019 project with the binary in .\x64\release dir.

    To use that project, you have to (
    - Install Visual Studio Code 2019 (obviously...)
    - Outside VS2019 install SDK and WDK as new as possible
    - Open VS2019 with the solution attached
    - Check that you have "Release" in the build settings on top and "x64" and click "Build"
    - You should have teensy_loader_cli.exe in the .\x64\Release dir

    Changes in the source of teensy_loader_cli.c:

    // #include <unistd.h>
    #include <process.h>
    #pragma comment( lib,"C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Windows Kits\\10\\Lib\\10.0.19041.0\\um\\x64\\hid.lib")
    #pragma comment( lib,"C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Windows Kits\\10\\Lib\\10.0.19041.0\\um\\x64\\setupapi.lib")
    #pragma comment( lib,"C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Windows Kits\\10\\Lib\\10.0.19041.0\\um\\x64\\winmm.lib")
    The #pragmas are because it didn't work for me to add the libs to the project settings. So you will have either to solve the issue with adding the additional libs to the project settings or change the path in the pragmas to your lib location.

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