Hi Everyone,

I want to move my MIDI circuit off the breadboard and following the schematic below found on the PJRC MIDI Library page.

I am trying to determine where to place the protection diode in the MIDI out circuit.

Where it says:
The extra diode between the 2 MIDI connectors is a 5.6V zener. Other than this extra diode, the circuit board followed the schematic shown above. The zener diode is not necessary for normal opertation, but does provide extra protection if external voltage is applied to the MIDI OUT port.
Would the 5.6V zener diode be placed in parallel to the 47Ω resistor at pin 4 on MIDI out?

I am working with a Teensy LC so I am using this schematic from the PJRC MIDI Lib page:

Click image for larger version. 

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Any guidance is greatly appreciated =)