Hi Guys
Is there anyone out there who would be prepared to help me with a project. It is a charitable project for Greenpower F24 racing . I have a sponsor who will prototype a board. I need to build the most efficient and robust speedcontroller and use the Teensy to control a fair bit of stuff on the car for optimum efficiency. I need to understand it so that I can explain to the students (I am a STEM ambassador) as you can see it has lots of test points and unnecessary LEDs! It is Teensy based being built for one school, but I have two further schools that when creatred will benefit from the results, possibly more if it is really good!!
I have drawn a prototype on Kikad. H bridge, Bootstrapped, sensors, GPS LORA for telemetry is pending. A lot of it is isolated for robustness. Uses LEDs WS2812 for the dash etc. We are autoshifting a SRAM derailleur with the Teensy. It has Fets for switching horn, fans, brakelights etc. It works as a prototype, but has thrid party sensors all over the place is poorly isolated and has a spaghetti of wires. The issue is not programming for the teenst, but spec of the isolated sensoors, bridge etc.
I just dont know if the circuits are any good or will work! I am also sure they can be improved (most efficient possible for Greenpower....)! Eg I have put in low ESR caps. It is running OK off the T3.5 for 5v tolerances in prototype (pins not fully matched at the moment on the escheema, poor isolation, unreliable due to the wires etc etc) will switch to 4.1 just for fun so have clamped some voltages.
Particular areas of doubt are using op amps with isolated voltage sensors, Thermistors and thermocouples etc.
We are autoshifting the SRAM AXS derailleur which is a great little hack!!
This is the full escheema (have taught myself over last lockdown so apologies for the nature of it!) if there are interested parties to assist I can share as needed if there is interest to assist. This gives an idea of what is involved though.

A typical query is for example: using the isolated voltage sensor ACPL C87 , I think I have to have an op amp to get the output in analog format with a ground. But which op amp? Also measuring the voltage across the motor do I really need two sensors or is there something that will do this isolated in one hit from between the mosfets? My mosfet experience is nil, do both the bridge and the on off drivers really work for the voltages?

Hope I can tempt in an interested few helpers!!

It will be a cool car when it is done .....

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