Hi All,

I'm thinking about creating a little board to modify older synthesizers and potentially revive my old Waveblaster board in an external, USB-controlled case. My idea is to use the Teensy 3.2 (as it's 5V-tolerant) plus Audio Adaptor Board, roughly like this:
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... that is, intercept MIDI and capture/mix audio so that MIDI and Audio can be sent/received over USB, in addition to the existing analog and MIDI connections.

Based on the descriptions on the shop pages, this should be doable, I think. I don't need the SD Card nor the memory chip interfaces on the Audio Adaptor, so if I read the descriptions correctly, both RX1/TX1 and RX3/TX3 on the Teensy 3.2 should be usable as MIDI interfaces.

Please ignore the fact that there's no additional hardware in the picture for the audio mixing, MIDI In optocoupler etc. - since I have no experience with the Teensy 3.2 whatsoever, I would just like to know whether you think it's possible (or whether I failed to see a tiny little detail that makes it impossible to realize).

So ... should this be feasible?

Thank you,