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Thread: Teensy 3.6 PWM deadtime

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    Teensy 3.6 PWM deadtime


    I have to generate 14 PWM signals and they are organized into two groups. I decided that the signals associated with the module FTM0 form one group and the signals associated with the FTM3 form another group. It can be organized differently if needed, but the association between the pins and the signals cannot change, so 7 signals with the FTM0 and 7 signals with the FTM3.

    The frequency is fixed for all the signals. The duty cycle is variable and independent between the signals. I need to choose one signal from the first group and another signal from the second group and I need to right-align them. To do that I will insert a deadtime (maybe?) in the signal from the second group. As consequence, the whole second group should suffer the same deadtime.

    I have attached two images to explain my goal.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    I right aligned the CH3 with the CH1. As consequence, the CH4 also suffered the same deadtime.

    I started to read the manual of the K66 and my solution to this was to:
    - Chapter 43.5.6 Edge-Aligned PWM mode, so the signals within the same FTM would be left-aligned
    - Chapter 45.5.28 GTB, so FTM0 and FTM3 would start at the same time and they would be all left aligned
    - Chapter 43.5.11 Deadtime, it would insert the desired deadtime in group 2
    My idea fails because to use deadtime I need to use the complementary mode which I have no interest in.

    Could someone point me in the right direction? I will keep reading the manual in the meanwhile.

    Best regards

    EDIT: I made a mistake with the title. If someone could change it to "Teensy 3.6 PWM deadtime" or something more meaningful it would be better. Thanks.
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